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“I attended the pendulum class with Bridgett. Her teachings of how to have the pendulum work with you is fantastic. I now use my pendulum regularly to guide me with my day to day matters and also with those tough decisions.          I also attended a Soul Pathing session with Bridgett. It was such a fulfilling experience. Her ability to connect definitely provided me the guidance I was looking for. 

There is no time limit when working with Bridgett. She believes that the end of the session is determined by what needs to be said.  Bridgett you are a kind, caring and passionate individual.

Thank you for being a part of my life!”


Time spent with Bridgett is like a vacation to the pockets of your inner mind that you haven’t seen….  but always knew was there

on the other side of this pocket is this beautiful Angel waiting for you…with these precious golden nuggets of information that literally can take you to next level of your souls path..

Starlein Fox

Psychic Intuitive

I did Soul Pathing with Bridgett and the process was incredibly spiritual. Some of the information she shared left me in awe and led me to finally understand certain aspects of my life.

The homework she gave is hard work but necessary in changing patterns and moving forward. Since my visit with Bridgett, I have seen changes in my life and different opportunities have already been presented to me. Thank you Bridgett for your gift and guiding me through my journey!


"Going to see Bridgette was life altering for me. I was feeling stuck in a rut and completely hopeless. I'd come out of a 10 year cycle of loss and pain and I needed a hand up. Not only did I feel much more at peace after, but I had hope for the first time in years. I had answers and a plan on how to move forward. I am not the same person I was prior to seeing her. I recommend her to everyone".


I went to Bridgett back in June of 2017 for a Soul Pathing session.

It was a wonderful experience of Messages and then the homework I was given to propel me forward. Well like anything I procrastinated it until 2 months ago. Everyday I continue with  my homework and still have a short way to go. The way my life has changed and blossomed is beyond what I could have expected! It has heightened my intuition and my connection with the other side in ways I could only imagine. I cannot thank Bridgett enough for how this has changed my life and where it is taking my career as a psychic medium. 


In a recent visit with Bridgett for a Soul Pathing session, I went with the hope of getting some guidance and answers for my current life circumstances.  Not only did I receive those, I was gifted with so much more.   Bridgett's ability to take the information she receives both before and during a session, enables her to tailor a path and provide guidance specific for each individual.  She did this for myself with empathy, laughter, and kindness.  Her "tool box" of techniques, knowledge, and take home assignments is vast, and  provides assistance in managing the day to day situations, giving a person a focus or goal to work towards.  Although results take time, Bridgett is always available for help or to simply call for a chat.  I am not sure what to call Bridgett exactly, as she encompasses so many esteemed titles; healer, teacher, and friend.  What I do know is, I went for a Soul Pathing session with much anticipation and what I discovered, was it was so much more than I expected.  I have a ways to go in my personal growth, and this is ok; it's a journey.  With Bridgett's help, a little faith in myself, continuous gratitude, and some time, my path is evolving and that means everything!  My words of appreciation and gratitude don't seem quite enough for the amazing gift Bridgett bestowed to me.  Thank you so much Bridgett!


I deciding to book a session with Bridgett was one of the best choices I have ever made. I had randomly found her business card amongst a bunch of my belongings after moving back in with my mom. I was creating a lot of changes in my life at the time, ending a long term relationship, finishing college and about to embark on a 4 month traveling adventure. As exciting as a lot of these changes were I felt very uncertain and disconnected from my own higher self, and very confused on where to go and what to do next. After leaving Bridgett’s I felt so much lighter, clearer and grounded (never an easy task for me). She passed along messages from the other side, connected to my guides and angels, let me know which crystals would be most beneficial to me, brought up some past life stuff that was not fully dealt with and preformed reiki on my shoulder (which was impacted from previous lives). My Soul Pathing session also sparked my own spiritual journey. I begin a regular meditation practice, started connecting more often with my angels, balanced my chakras, took my reiki training and started paying attention more to the many signs I was being given on a regular basis. The things Bridgett told me were incredibly accurate and spot on. She said she saw me working with refugee children and at the time I couldn’t really see that happening. Yet after returning from my travels I started working as an artist in residence at a school that specialized in ESL and refugee children. The little things she told me to pay attention too while I was traveling also all fell into place. Bridgett is an inspiring and genuine woman, her connection to spirit and guidance are truly a gift. She encouraged me to listen to my heart and soul and with that encouragement I watched my life change for the better. As things continue to change and as I experience doubt, she has provided the reassurance and confirmation I needed to keep going. Even after relocating to Vancouver and reaching out, Bridgett has been a huge support. I believe that everyone could benefit immensely from a session with Bridgett.                                                     Eustatia

I had my first visit with Bridgett two weeks ago, and can honestly say that this experience has been life-changing. She is an extremely gifted psychic, and was able to pinpoint exactly where I was off course with my life. Her revelations can be startling to say the least!  I have followed her suggestions for changes and my inner, spiritual life has been totally transformed. I have reconnected with my true nature and am beyond happy.

Bridgett is also a very warm, kind, loving person who enjoys a good laugh and gives the best hugs ever!  If you want to find out who you really are and the path you have chosen to take in this life, then this wise woman can help you."

Also, thank you for your time with Nicky!  She is blown away by her visit. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again. Nicky said we were maybe going on a shopping trip together?  Just let me know when!


I was rummaging through one of my old wallets when I came across a ‘SOUL PATHING’ business card.  I had no recollection of ever picking it up, or hearing of Soul Pathing beforehand.  I found her business card (in my belongings) at the exact moment I was ready to find it. 

Seeing Bridgett felt like seeing an old friend, someone who saw me and instantly connected to my innermost being.  She flooded me with information that was incredibly pertinent to my situation.  This was all before I even told her anything, I may add.  I describe her as ‘all the clairs’ (clairvoyant, clairaudient etc.).   The information she provides has the potential to be incredibly overwhelming, yet Bridgette relays it in a way that is clear, precise, and digestible.

My first session with Bridgett has turned into three over the past year and a half.  I always leave those sessions soaring.  Whenever I feel stuck, I know she will assist me in returning to flight.

Because of Bridgett’s sessions, I am now pursuing my purest passion and intend to continuously touch base with her to keep my heart and soul open.

I whole-heartedly recommend Bridgett’s services, and if you have found her site, rest assured you may just have been guided here.

Chenille Lovgren


Soul Pathing sessions with Bridgett have been instrumental in my growth as a person and in my spiritual practice.  She has accelerated my studies, provided key insight and wisdom, and unlocked previously blocked energy to name just a few things.  Bridgett's wise, caring, grounded sessions have led me to go deeper within myself.  She is an excellent guide on so sacred a journey.   Thank you Bridgett, in deepest gratitude and love,

Author/Angel Practitioner

I first contacted Bridgett because I felt in limbo with my life circumstances and felt like I couldn’t progress financially or spiritually. Bridgett really impressed me with her unique gift of being able to connect with me and accurately get to the root of my blockages without my saying a word. I felt safe, nurtured and supported during my entire session and enjoyed every minute of it. The session was productive in that I walked away with a deeper sense of who I was, as well as with recommended positive actions I could undertake to help shift my current stagnancy in life. I decided to follow through with Bridgett’s recommendations and was amazed at how quickly my life transformed. Within a month, I was gainfully employed and able to move into a nicer house and neighborhood. I highly recommend Soul Pathing and look forward to seeing Bridgett in the not too distant future.
Gail Arnold

The readings I have received from Bridgett have given me information that is direct and honest.  She spent a lot of time to receive the information and then interpret the messages for me to understand how to move forward.  Bridgett also gives “homework”  to assist in integrating the lessons that came from the reading.  I have found these readings to be most helpful for me to clarify my life’s lessons and move forward with greater clarity.

Thank you,

Denise S.

I have visited Bridgett three times and each time she has given me insight, hope, laughter, and homework. I was impressed by the amount of preparation Bridgett puts into each session and her absolute commitment to help her clients get what they need. Bridgett is a true gem among people and a gifted spiritual healer. I can always trust her to give me the scoop!
Yvonne Kjorlien

It was the most insightful experience. I have done many different modalities in my journey, but this was the most profound. If you have any doubts about your future and fulfilling your Soul purpose, go see Bridgett. It was specific about what I was to continue to do, also what I don't need to focus on and enlightening and reassuring, it can be life changing. You most certainly won't be disappointed, a must do for everyone!
Marie Stepa
Reiki Master-Teacher

Hello, my name is Darlene Kohout and this is my testimonial. I had a session with Bridgett at her Studio. Before starting my Soul Pathing Session, Bridgett explained events which might occur such as falling asleep or having visions. I was very relaxed and the bed was comfortable to lie on.
When Bridgett was finished with my reading, she began to tell me what kind of journey I had gone through, where I was going to be in the future, and what my purpose was.
Long before knowing Bridgett, I always joked that I was a man in my past life. I also had thoughts and feelings I could never understand, and didn't know why I felt this way.
Bridgett had told me of three of my past lives. There were key words that she had told me which made me understand thoughts and feelings I could never understand before. My twenty-two year old son had a Session with Bridgett two months later. I felt that this Soul Pathing would help him explain what his purpose was in life. He had a rough childhood with his father. His feelings for his Dad are still painful. After my son saw Bridgett, again the key words explained a lot in why things were happening the way they did. He had told me when he was smaller that he might not live to be an old man.
One of the key words that Bridgett said that he had died in his past lives as an young man. My son felt relief that this answered his question of why he felt this way.
After a week had gone by, I saw a difference in my son's eyes. Not of pain or shame, but of pride and hope.
I knew that Soul Pathing had helped us both to understand our lives better. This was an uplifting experience. I highly recommend this to anyone. By the way, Bridgett did tell me that in one of my past lives I was Male. If you think you know yourself, think again.
Darlene Kohout

When I went to see Bridgett for a Soul Pathing session, I had no idea of how much of an impact it would have on me. She led me through a series of events that not only confirmed some of my own thought processes, but she also gave me answers to questions I had about myself.
The whole atmosphere was so calming and she gives you a very clear explanation of the process and the results.
Her technique gives you a very rewarding experience! I believe everyone should try this! You won't be disappointed!
Lesley Henson

I've been in search for someone like Bridgett my entire life! Upon meeting Bridgett, I had no idea who I was or what my Soul purpose was here on this Earth; thanks to Bridgett I am now finding my way and discovering who I am each and every day. My session with Bridgett has been life-changing.
Thank you Bridgett, I love you!

Since I've had a Soul Pathing session with Bridgett, my life has found a great direction. Because I found out where I came from, I now know where I'm going. The path became easier to find. Do yourself a favor and find your path.
Rodney Baldrey

Thank you, thank you for an experience I will cherish forever! You have widened my eyes, softened my heart, and given me the strength to find my 'true self', the perfect soul that I already am! You were 'the kick in the behind, with the size 10 foot' that I soooo needed! I feel light in my shoes and ever so content with the decision to leave my job. I am creating a plan and have never been more excited! Thank you once again for your time and honesty. You have a gift that I can't even thank enough! I am so glad to have found you!
Until we cross paths again,
Namaste :-)
Stephanie Sanden