What Does Soul Pathing Entail?

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You will need to clear at least two hours of your time for a Session.
Please do not wear any perfume or aftershave, but do wear comfortable clothing.

Before you arrive, I connect with your Spirit and Soul for about an hour to receive any important messages and information to help with your session.

When you arrive, you will be taken into the studio to relax on the Pathing bed,
clearing your mind of everyday chaos, while I connect with your Soul.

After the Session you will receive a full consultation about what came through,
what it means, and the steps you need to take and where your Path will lead you.

I can also help with Crystal Guidance if needed.

After the consultation, you will receive an audio disc (cd), with all the information that came through for you and our discussion and findings.

I also have an open door policy, so that at point in time if you wish to contact me for any further help or questions you may have, you may do so either via e.mail or phone.
No matter what, I am always there for my clients throughout their Path.